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Impact of Water Pollution

Humans have generated more plastic over the previous decade than we've had in the previous 100 years. So the increase of plastic reaching our seas affect marine life and it also affects us. Plastic poisons seafood, seabirds, marine animals,  and damages ecosystems, and even interfering with mammal breeding patterns all of which may have terrible effects and lead to the extinction of whole species.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Laundry?

There are three significant contributions that washing machines make to damage keystone species by reducing the availability of resources and disrupting weather. When assessing every aspect of your life or business, consider the valuable resources the product uses and what the product produces. At the same time, theonsite washing machine is intended to be used effectively. No doubt washing machines are designed for good use, but in some aspects, they are something you should reduce their use in your facility.

Minimize the toxic load in the laundry room through natural alternatives

Traditional detergents are composed of a mixture of fragrances, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and potent carcinogenic chemicals.  Laundry is the most toxic room in your home when you wash and dry your clothes.

Laundry detergent damage air quality in and around your home. The chemicals used to scent some popular laundry detergent brands decline air quality indoors and contribute to water and air pollution in the environment.